I started Energy Healing training in 2011 with Master Healer Deborah King, finishing Level 1 and Level 2 of her program. I am currently half way through a 3-year training of Shamanic work and Energy Healing with Patricia White Buffalo.


I am offering a distance energy healing, also known as a chelation.

The healing starts at the feet of the client, goes up the joints of the legs and ones it reaches the hips it continues on to all the chakras, ending up with the strengthening of the Energy Field.


The duration of a healing is 45 minutes and at the moment the cost of it is £25.


It is important to allow the Energy to work on the levels that are needed, without getting the mind involved. Therefore interpretations and feedback will not be provided nor will the client need to share anything about their current situation, before or after the session.

On the selected day and time a message will be exchanged to make sure that the client is ready and then the client will be sited or lying down for the duration of the session.


Please don’t hesitate to make contact if you wish to ask any questions.


My sessions with Nikolas have been both invigorating whilst calming.  I feel they have helped to support me through some difficult times of processing my childhood memories, giving me time and space during the sessions and permission to do nothing.  Through them I feel I am better able to receive purely for me at the same time I have allowed information and insights to be accessed whilst in session.

 I have not had distant healing before, and not knowing what to expect, at times I felt an almost physical presence within my energy systems and in my heart, solar plexus and sacral areas.  At times emotions surfaced and I have had a sense of coming together by the end of the session, when I would feel the “pressure” lessen and stop.  Afterwards I would always feel invigorated and good energy for the day.

 I feel the sessions have helped me in my quest to stop eating chocolate and I felt supported to face my addiction to discover its origins.

Christina Macadam, East Grinstead UK

I have had many energy healings from Nikolas both face to face and distanced. Most recently, I had a series of 3 distanced sessions. During these sessions I could feel the energy clearly, and experienced heat and tingling in areas of my body. After the sessions I always felt relaxed and grounded. Nikolas was very clear and precise when organising them, and gave a report on the direction in which my chakras were moving (or if blocked) afterwards, which always felt accurate and true to what I had felt during the treatment. Nikolas is a kind hearted and dedicated healer to work with.

Gemma Avery, Hastings UK

I have been receiving absent healing from Nikolas for some months now.  Before lockdown I saw him in person so I know his gentle yet enlivening healing energy.

 I was, at first, surprised that I could feel his healing energy just as powerfully in absent healing - as though he was there, in person.  The moment we began his energy grabbed my attention, and I could feel its affect as he worked through the chakra system:  energising, calming, relaxing, clearing as he moved along.  My own energy responded to his and we were in this together.

 Energy balancing and healing makes a lot of difference to me.  I am calmer, more balanced yet alive and - I feel better.  It makes a difference to me and therefore it makes a difference to the way I experience the world and live my life.

 I have myself studied at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Sciences.   Nikolas is a powerful and dedicated healer.

Mo Harter, London UK

I have been so lucky and grateful to know and receive a distance healing from Nikolas Gripp every week for 3 months and I have to say that he is one of the best healers I have met. I have been struggling with earthing/grounding myself for many years when I started to receive healing from Nikolas I could feel that something amazing was opening and happening in my first chakra. He is a natural talent healer and has so much to give others with his beautiful and strong energy which is full of strength and love. If you are doing some inner work I recommend that you experience how amazing healer Nikolas is. He has helped me a lot through this difficult times and I can thank him for how calm and grounded I have been last months through this difficult virus that has been affecting the world.  Thank you!

Eva Arna Ragnarsdóttir, Iceland

I so look forward to the days of healing from Nikolas. The experience is so beautiful and relaxing and yet powerful too. Since starting to receiving healing, I am now far more focussed in many aspects of my life and my ability to walk has increased as the pain has decreased.

Jo Di Francesco, Wales UK

I have been receiving weekly distant healings from Nikolas for a few months and they have been greatly beneficial to me. At the start of our sessions, I can always feel the energy begin to flow through me right away and feel refreshed and balanced at the end of every healing. Nikolas has such a loving and peaceful presence – I highly recommend the work that he does.

Guðný Guðmundsdóttir, Iceland

For quite a while now I have been receiving energy healings from Nikolas, in the beginning in person and now from a distance.

He has helped me through some health problems as well as given me peace of mind.

During our sessions I have felt extreme heat, tingling, seen all the colors of the rainbow, felt as though I was lifted into the air and floated!

I have received answers to questions I asked at the beginning of the healing, that changed my attitude towards life. I am much more accepting of life's circumstances and more relaxed.

My sleep has also improved thanks to the healings. I used to wake up a lot during the night. Already after our first session I slept like a log all night through!!!

Meanwhile it lasts for up to 5 nights!

As a result, I feel more energetic, but at the same time inner calm. I am learning to let things happen in their own time and speed. Something totally new to me, but I am starting to enjoy it.

My body and mind thank you for all you have done for me!

Maren Petsoula, Greece

I have been receiving energy healing from Nikolas once a week for a few months now and can without any hesitation recommend him. During this time I have gathered strenght both physically and mentally and this has been a boost of pure positive energy which has been so importand during difficult days at work but also has worked as a push forward into what I have wanted to accomplish in my transformational work.  Normally I am a procrastinator but miraculously I have now done things I only thought of until Nikolas started his work.  His healing is subtle but very effective and I am really lucky to have been chosen to receive his great energy work.  Thank you Nikolas.   

Sigrún Elín Birgisdóttir, Iceland.


Nikolas Gripp is a certified

Rebirthing BreathWork Practitioner, member of the British Rebirth Society and is fully insured to practice.  


Tel: 07787214515

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