Be yourself.....

The world will adjust.…

We grow up thinking that if only we can get the right job, right partner, right house……..

we will be happy. However, if we don’t feel happiness from the inside, nobody and nothing can provide us happiness from the outside.


I struggled with a critical mind, an inner voice that always whispered ‘I am not good enough’. I spent many years focusing on negative things, struggled with human relationships and missed out on all the Beauty that is out there!

I never really had a desire to live.

Years of psychotherapy didn’t change the limiting thoughts I had about myself.


Things just seemed to get worse and I really didn’t see any point in this life.

When I started Rebirthing Breathwork I was in a bad psychological state and very desperate.


It amazed me how Wise our Breath is. How it worked on my low self esteem, how it helped me see who I truly am. I saw that I am worthy, that I am good enough! I would never have been able to become a Breathwork Practitioner if it wasn’t for the inner work I did through Breathwork.


I transformed my Life with the help of my Breath and I am eager to help others on their journey!

                                                                 I wish everyone gentle steps on their spiritual path….

                                                                                                                            Nikolas Gripp


Nikolas Gripp is a certified

Rebirthing BreathWork Practitioner, member of the British Rebirth Society and is fully insured to practice.  


Tel: 07787214515

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