Conscious connected Breathing, which is the technique that is used in Rebirthing Breathwork, is the way babies and animals naturally breathe and it helps us clear blockages and trauma from our bodies.

Nowadays we know that psychotherapy itself is not enough. While all types of talk therapy can help on an emotional level, they don’t dissolve the trauma that is created in our body. So, ideally, one wants to combine talk therapy with some type of body therapy.

What fascinates me about Breathwork is that everyone gets something different out of it! Each session is unique even if you have been doing Breathwork for years.

The Breath has its own Wisdom and knows where to go and what to work on.


We live very disconnected lives, full of stress and anxiety. We spend endless hours at jobs that don’t fulfill us, struggle in relationships and suppress our feelings with all types of addictions.

We are under the false impression that insomnia, stress, depression, chronic pain, illnesses and similar are just part of life. But they are NOT!


They are the results of an over active mind that spends endless hours every day worrying, stressing out, harshly judging ourselves and having unreasonable expectations!


If you are looking for Inner Peace, your Breath is here to help you.

Through Breathwork you will be able to connect with your subconscious mind, where all your memories and unexpressed emotions are.


As kids, when faced with challenging situations, in order to be able to cope we suppressed our emotions. That served us as kids, but most of us unfortunately continue doing this also as adults.

As adults we find different ways to numb ourselves from the pain: alcohol, drugs, food, sex, over working, excessive TV and Internet use, shopping, obsessive cleaning etc.


All those unexpressed emotions have created blockages and trauma in our body. Often people don’t know what the source of their unhappiness is. In BreathWork it is not necessary to remember actual incidences in order to heal the trauma.



Through Breathwork you will Empower yourself and gain more awareness. Viewing life differently will give you the opportunity to better deal with challenging situations and you will be able to forgive yourself and others much more easily.

You will reduce your stress levels, detox your body and deal with emotional and physical issues. A lot of clients report feeling the Breath working on a specific part of the body, where there was an injury or an operation.



Inner work contains the word “work” for a reason. Work is required. Sometimes it can seem to get worse before it gets better. You really have to want it, you really have to do the work and it will take time, but in the end, it will all be worth it.


Nikolas Gripp is a certified

Rebirthing BreathWork Practitioner, member of the British Rebirth Society and is fully insured to practice.  


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