Nikolas is so professional and the best breathing therapist I have tried. Helping me to release old wounds I had been trying to release for years, but with him it came out naturally. Thank you for everything!”  

Eva Ragnarsdóttir, Reykjavik Iceland

I have had brilliant experiences working with Nikolas on a 1-1 and group basis. Nikolas is a good balance of kind and progressive in his approach to therapy, he has a gift for holding space and is completely committed to your journey. Nikolas is knowledgable, thorough and flexible in his approach to breathwork, he has a warm, honest, loving heart. Gemma Avery - Reiki Practitioner, Hastings UK

I have been having 1:1 Breathwork sessions with Nikolas over the past year or so and it has been utterly transformative. The benefits are both short term (enjoying the sessions and feeling good for a long time afterwards) and long term (a huge overall improvement in happiness, way of living etc.). Nikolas really listens and has provided me with some invaluable insights and advice. I also feel like he is one of the most genuine people I have ever met – he is clearly motived above all by helping people, the money (and his rates are very reasonable indeed for the length of time and involvement in a private session) is clearly not the motivating factor for him.  


I’ve also been to a group session he led which I loved – the session was powerful and there were lots of very friendly and interesting people. But if you can manage it, I can’t recommend the private sessions highly enough: the combination of the talking and the breathwork is amazing!  

Poppy Lyle, London

“I think breathwork is an extremely powerful and effective tool for both healing and personal development and Nikolas is a superb guide. He creates a safe space and is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. His enthusiasm and love for what he does is palpable. I would recommend Nikolas to anyone interested in exploring breathwork and deepening their inner work.” Giles, UK  

“I worked with Nikolas in both a group setting and in private. I booked the private sessions after the first group session. He was very helpful to the situation I was dealing with at the time and came up with some great ideas that we worked with beyond the actual breathwork. Nikolas is very professional and caring and working with him was a great experience. ”  

Susie Mason , UK

“I have always found Nikolas to be very affable, knowledgeable, professional, caring and humorous! The breath work that I have carried out with Nikolas has been very well explained and I have felt at complete ease during the sessions. So far, they have assisted me with relaxation and in achieving a positive state of mind and I look forward to further sessions. Highly recommended and many thanks!”  

Aidan Wood - Sports Massage Therapist, Hastings UK

“Nikolas has an extraordinary intuition and insight. He balances being the perfect listener with directed feedback. During the actual rebirth he is peacefully but powerfully present, guiding the breath for the maximum rewards. I loved rebirthing with Nikolas.  

Lucy Pattinson - Liberation Breathing Practitioner, Godalming UK

“Late 2017, I met Nikolas Gripp on a breathwork retreat in Glastonbury. Like me, he was a student for 10 intensive residential days.  This meant that we each had time to be with each other and the other 16 students on the course .... and the benefits continue to show up as a deep and enduring trust.


Since our retreat finished, I experienced some deeply personal issues surrounding a major health issue.  I knew to call on Nikolas to help as he, by that time, had qualified as a breathworker.  In fact, such was my insistence on getting to the bottom of my issue,  that I moved to Hastings for 2 weeks with daily breathwork therapy, personally given by Nikolas.


This included the deepest of coaching and then the breathe ....followed by the exploration of what might have been uncovered.


I continue to engage with Nikolas for a breathing session, at least once a month -this time via Skype, which works really, really well.


Nikolas is a deeply committed healer and extraordinary in how he remembers everything.  He does not intrude with blocks which show up but seems, somehow, to circumvent the issue, ending up with great aha’s..... Than once in a while, a huge amount of laughter.


These sessions with Nikolas are not heavy. And if you have landed in a place where you are considering healing session .... then you have certainly made it to one of the most authenticity kind and professional healers I know.”  

Jackie Dunn - World Traveller

“I can’t rate you highly enough and words will always fall short of the changing effect you’ve assisted me in creating in my life.”         H. H. – Entrepreneur, UK

“In The Safe Hands Of A Master      


Nikolas is a masterful communicator who artistically utilises Liberation Breathing to uncover critical insights and create personal clarity. When challenged by life & living he helps you find balance. When stressing he helps you find peace. When overwhelmed he guides you back to certainty.”

Greg Garrett - Entrepreneur & Liberated Client, UK

“Nikolas has helped me more than I could have imagined,I have done breathwork with a couple of other people but his strong sense of himself and the truth makes him a fabulous facilitator for this work .Nikolas has a great knowledge of the work and holds one to the issue that is being healed and addressed, he has a lighthearted softness but keeps one on track with the process. The breathing itself is very easy and has released so much trauma from my cells .I feel ,lighter ,alive and a new person.Thank you from the bottom of my heart , kindest regards”     

Jane Caroline Mnoian, USA

“I have been truly blessed and honored to have experienced a breathwork session, also called rebirthing session, with Nikolas Gripp. Through his guidance and support I was able to work through some major issues that I did not even realize were holding me back in life. His gift in particular is being so intuitive with what support you need. His comparing and compassionate tone really supports you through any emotions and feelings you have. Anyone taking a session with Nikolas will be incredibly fortunate and will feel uplifted and nourished. I had one while visiting the UK. Nikolas is also highly skilled at running groups.”

Glenda Sawtell, Australia


Nikolas Gripp is a certified

Rebirthing BreathWork Practitioner, member of the British Rebirth Society and is fully insured to practice.  


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